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Recognized the Agency of the Year by the 2023 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards by Globee Awards

Mindset Сonsulting

the way we think, the way we live

Founder’s statement

I believe in the power of entrepreneurship, and I consider it essential to give life to creative ideas and solutions that change people’s lives.Since my student years, I’ve been on a mission to share with the world about the brightest and most courageous minds, those who invent products and services that drive progress and create transformation. My name is Dina Mostovaya. I’m the founder and CEO of Mindset Consulting, an international consulting firm where we help tech companies and venture funds to gain visibility and credibility so that they can do what they do best:  empowering the world’s bright minds to build a better future.

How Mindset Consulting was founded

This journey started a long time ago, when Dina Mostovaya was working at the city’s newspaper and local TV station in Western Siberia. That later brought her to an internship in a global performance marketing agency in London, the Metia Group.
For the next 10 years, Dina honed her PR skills by pitching client stories to reporters, developing brand communication strategies, handling reputation crises, and leading the implementation of global cross-cultural projects. This gave her the opportunity to work with major brands like Microsoft, eBay, Gett, Target Global, and more.

In 2020, after putting together her experience and wide network, Dina launched a company that seamlessly merged all she loved about working in the agency world. The name she chose–Mindset Consulting–was based on the philosophy, “The way we think, the way we live.”

We have always believed that businesses built upon clearly defined principles achieve better and more stable profit and growth. We all have shared and spread the same vision and values that helped Mindset Consulting to go forward.

One of the specialists joining the team at the very beginning was Natalia Edde, who became the international team lead and then the agency business partner. Before Mindset Consulting, she built up her PR and marketing skills by working with the world's biggest FMCG and retail companies for over 15 years.
I believe in the power of storytelling.

As a marketer, I have always been captivated by the art of creating products and engaging with audiences through compelling stories. After I launched several international FMCG brands, I realized how technologies are changing our world and how we can make this transition even more effective with the right communications. My burning passion for storytelling and the tech world led me to Mindset Consulting, where we have worked with bold entrepreneurs, revolutionizing the way we communicate and transforming life as we know it.

The Tipping Point: Scaling to a new level

Mindset Consulting was growing steadily, working with world-changing companies across the globe, when, at the beginning of 2022, Russia’s Ukrainian invasion happened. Since the agency has always been a multicultural firm with an international presence, her dedication to the company’s mission of supporting global entrepreneurship immediately forced Dina to relocate Mindset Consulting. With Natalia as a new partner, she launched an office in Spain, retaining the team and over 80% of the clients.

This led the firm to a new level.

Since then, we have expanded into new markets such as Germany and France, and our portfolio has added British, French, German, Spanish, Swiss and Estonian startups and VC funds. Through regular publications in top-tier media and other PR efforts, we have helped our clients secure multimillion-dollar investments and commercial deals, increase brand awareness by over 25%, and organize successful product launches.

We also have been growing internally, developing new recruitment and onboarding programs and implementing employee coaching practices. Today, our multicultural team of high-level media relations and PR experts comes from major global cities like New York, San Diego, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Tel Aviv. We all have diverse professional and personal backgrounds that allow us to guarantee stellar outcomes for our clients in American, European and other markets.

As a result, just a year since the agency’s official launch in Europe, Mindset Consulting was named the Agency of the Year at the esteemed 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards. For our team, it became the first global award, and we have been deeply honored to be recognized as the gold winner of the nomination.

Our future

We are just at the beginning of Mindset Consulting’s great story. We set ambitious goals. One of them is to be one of the top 10 European communications agencies. We are going to continue expanding our global presence overseas, hiring more international talents and contributing into the cosmopolitan development of the tech market.We’re excited to have you on this journey with us, and to stay in touch with everything that is going on at Mindset Consulting, we encourage you to  sign up for our quarterly newsletter.

Our team

Mindset Consulting is an international strategic communications agency for tech companies and VC funds. As a professional and hard-working team, we are dedicated to growing the world's most innovative companies. We help the world's brightest and most talented entrepreneurs find their voices and share their stories. We embed innovation at the core of our vision, while remaining resolute in our commitment to driving global sustainable progress.

Founder & CEO
Dina Mostovaya
Dina is a global cultural & communications consultant with over 15 years of experience; founder and CEO of Mindset Consulting. She was named the “Best Woman in PR” by Davos Communications Awards 2022, and the grand prize winner and “PR Star Under 40” by the 2023 Bulldog PR Awards. Dina is an angel investor and a startup mentor; a Judge for The International Business Awards 2022 & 2023 by Stevie Awards, a member of the Global Women in PR Association, and a regular speaker at international conferences like EMERGE and Tech Spirit Barcelona.
Partner & COO
Natalia Edde
Natalia is a strategic marketing expert with over 15 years of experience. She is a partner at Mindset Consulting and is currently acting as our Chief Operating Officer. Before Mindset, Natalia worked with companies like Remy Cointreau, Carlsberg, and X5 Retail Group. Her areas of expertise are market and consumer trend research, brand building, product positioning development, competitive selling strategization, and digital PR strategy. In 2018, Natalia was awarded the “Best Event Strategy” by Silver Mercury and, in 2017, she received the “Best Digital Case” award from AdIndex.

Our mission & values

As an international PR and strategic communications agency, our ultimate mission is to contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.

There is nothing we're prouder of than being entrusted with our clients’ company values and reputation. We strive to share the compelling stories behind the most brilliant entrepreneurial minds, and the products and services they have created to build a better future.

We value sustainability and innovation and we are proud to collaborate with businesses at the forefront of shaping a more sustainable tomorrow. Our clients include pioneers in vertical solar solutions, innovative drug development to fight aging, insect protein as a solution to global hunger,  satellite provider aiming to enhance connectivity in remote areas, including deserts and many others. These partnerships exemplify our commitment to improving the quality of life while driving global progress.
Strategic mindset
Our expert consultants have extensive experience in working with top international businesses and tech startups. We set ambitious goals and always remain focused on the big picture. We aim to surpass expectations by working with market analysts, diving into our clients’ business processes, and developing and executing strategies that gain global traction.
Whether it's clients, advisors or media reporters, we work together as equal strategic partners. We invest in our relationships professionally and personally, and we treat each other with mutual trust, respect, and understanding.
We value truth and honesty on a personal and professional level. We communicate openly at every stage and with all participants of collaboration.
We understand the importance of lifelong learning, and, in order to ensure our partners remain one step ahead, we dedicate ourselves to continuous professional growth and development.
Helicopter View
We aim to provide a strategic viewpoint for our clients. We follow and take into account all the tech market trends, global economic overview, cultural differences, and match them with business needs to build an efficient communication pipeline.
Emotional Intelligence & Cultural Awareness
As experienced consultants, we follow high work ethic standards and dedicate ourselves to improving both our hard and soft skills. We are a multicultural diverse team and we understand the importance of recognizing and managing emotions as well as being aware of the cultural differences and values of our co-workers and partners.

Advisory board

Our hand-picked advisory board includes high-level professionals in communications and media who support us in our mission to share stories about brave and brilliant entrepreneurs and their world-changing ideas. In addition to coaching Mindset Consulting's internal team, our advisory board assists the businesses we work with in expanding and growing globally.
Akansha Dimri
Founder & Editor-in-Chief at TFN. Consulting area: Global media relations
Erik Eklund
Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker Coach, Global PWN Mentor. Consulting area: Storytelling
Olga Zyryaeva
Head of EMEA Innovative communications & partnerships at Spotify. Consulting area: Global marketing & communications
Anastasia Golovina
Head of PR at Protocol Labs, 2021 PRWeek's Dashboard 25. Consulting area: PR for US markets