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Communications Strategy
To be successful, today’s businesses can’t exist in a vacuum, they must interact with their audience and stakeholders regularly. As a communications agency, we will assist you with the development of an integrated communication strategy in accordance with your company’s goals, as well as aligning your values with the current agenda and cultural specifics of the region. Our experts will create a sustainable 360 communication plan that would include deep market analysis, brand positioning, key messages for the target audience, full-service media relations, digital marketing programs, investor relations, crisis prediction management, and network building.
Full-Service Media Relations
Without a properly developed and executed media relationship strategy, even the most innovative and promising businesses can remain unknown. We focus on developing long-term relationships with renowned journalists in order to gain maximum coverage in top business and tech media outlets, like Forbes, Axios, WSJ, Financial Times, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, etc. We will provide your company speakers with media training and support and accompany them during interviews as a part of our media relations services. Press event hosting or press trips for influencers is something that many businesses can benefit from but do not know how to execute effectively. Whether you host press tours or business breakfasts, we manage all event stages, including concept development, pre-event planning, creating a guest list, invitations, and managing RSVPs.
Investment Public Relations
A successful PR strategy directly affects future funding. So, if you want to raise investment a year from now, it is important to build your brand’s communications strategy today. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how to promote startups in a news space to attract the right investors and boost the credibility of your company, its founders, and the team. We create and execute the whole investment round PR campaign to gain the maximum positive coverage both before and after the deal.
Product launch campaigns
Crafting a successful PR strategy for a product launch requires more than just announcements and press releases. It requires a comprehensive story that will resonate with current trends and tackle the key pains of your target audience. At Mindset Consulting we develop a solid communication plan that not only establishes the credibility of your products but also enhances your brand awareness and generates new leads.
Crisis Communication Management
Companies can face a crisis for a variety of reasons, from the wrong positioning to unfavorable external circumstances beyond their control. The fulcrum of effective crisis management is prediction and preparation. We help companies to predict coming crises and to build a strategy to minimize business risks and losses. We will work with you to perform a deep, thorough audit of your business and determine any potential threats. Following this, we will develop a crisis management strategy and a coherent plan to ensure you are ready for any potential setback.
Executive Positioning & Personal Brand Development
If you want to boost your company image, it is not only important to manage your business' reputation carefully, but that of the executive team too. We create high-profile personal brands for founders and executives through publishing thought leadership content, social media content, arranging media coverage, speaking engagements, and interviews in media and podcasts. An established, strong personal brand helps to identify and deliver your business and career goals, company mission, values, and vision to expand your professional network and open new opportunities.
Storytelling, Content Production & Copywriting
Effective content marketing is crucial for increasing your brand awareness, proving your team expertise, and engaging customers. We will help you find your company’s voice and position yourself as a thought leader in your field through various channels such as social media, blogs, newsletters, and podcasts.
Community Relations Services
The key to managing your reputation is establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. We will guide you on how to build credibility with your target audience, grow the business and craft a best-fit community engagement concept by developing an effective execution strategy, content creation, distribution, and collaboration with other brands.
Corporate communication
Effective corporate communication is crucial for an established business with a global workforce. It plays a vital role in engaging and sharing information with your employees, clients, and prospects, leading to sustainable business growth. Our expertise lies in developing strategic corporate PR strategies that enable companies to engage credibly with customers and stakeholders, ultimately driving success.
Executive Search Services
Hiring the right people is one of the most important tasks for a startup. With deep talent acquisition expertise and an extensive media and communications network, our executive search consultants will help you to hire the best-fit PR and marketing professionals. We will conduct an initial selection of candidates, arrange interviews, and assist with the onboarding process for your new hires.
Elevator Pitch Consulting
Preparing a presentable and captivating pitch deck for investors can be a challenging task. We'll help you to craft a powerful and compelling case for your next round of funding. We work on designing your pitch deck, preparing your data and drafting necessary content, as well as providing strategic advice on your fundraising strategy, financial modeling, and projections.
Social Media and Digital Marketing
Through an integrated marketing strategy, we will help you to gain better online visibility, drive traffic to your website, generate leads and harness the power of community. As a full-service communications agency, we synchronize our PR and marketing teams’ efforts to build a digital PR strategy with high-quality brand mentions and backlinks to help you connect with new audiences and potential customers in the digital world. Our experienced team will help to bring profitability and build brand recognition through SEO and link-building campaigns, PPC campaigns, social media management, online reputation management tools, email marketing and web design and development.  

we work with

Venture capital firms, private equity, growth equity funds
PR and strategic communication are crucial for building the reputation of venture capital firms. We are experts in the global venture capital industry and have experience working with VC funds on different stages, helping them to stand out. Our communication experts will help your VC fund to develop effective PR strategies to communicate with the right target audience, connect with top-tier Limited Partners (LPs) and entrepreneurs, and gain access to better deals.
Enterprise Tech
Software and hardware solutions used by large organizations
Our team possesses a deep understanding of the complex and ever-evolving needs of enterprise tech companies and their target markets. We specialize in PR for tech startups and crafting compelling messaging strategies that will help your enterprise tech company to achieve its business objectives. Our comprehensive strategic communication services include media relations, targeted market analysis, cutting-edge network development, lead generation, copywriting with niche experts, and social media management.
Cloud-based software
Cybersecurity alerts are on the radar across all industries, and startups are increasingly facing challenges in responding to the evolving trends in the market. Working closely with cybersecurity startups, we have developed efficient communication strategies that assist companies in proactively responding to market news. We provide a consistent communication plan and generate inbound media requests, helping to establish a unique market position and deliver the right messaging to the target audience.
Consumer Tech
B2C services, marketplaces gadgets, IoT devices, vehicles, software
Consumer tech strategic communication focuses on building brand awareness and engaging with the end users. Our consumer tech PR agency experts will give your firm the opportunity to understand the complexity of consumer demands and develop a strategy to maximize the probability of optimal success.
Grocery delivery services and HoReCa solutions
Our media relations team has gained extensive experience in strategic communication for food and beverage PR. Our public relations food industry experts will help you to develop effective communication strategies for innovators and leaders in your industry.
SaaS / AI
AI-enabled solutions and SaaS startups
As SaaS companies gain more traction in the tech industry, the industry landscape becomes more competitive. At Mindset Consulting agency, our SaaS PR experts will help you develop strategic communication plans to build and develop your long-term reputation, as well as reach and connect with your target audience. We are experienced in working with diverse industries, targeting both B2B and B2B customers.
Fintech / Payroll
Financial, payroll & insurance services, onboarding solutions, ID verification, cybersecurity
Our strategic communication services in the fintech space simplify the complex value propositions of fintech firms to their stakeholders. Our fintech PR consultancy experts will help you to reach the top of the industry’s ecosystem by identifying market trends and financial policies, as well as offering counsel on opportunities, issues, and crisis situations.
Greentech & Sustainability
Solutions intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment
A greentech company has the creation of a positive environmental impact at the core of its mission. Our team collaborates with companies that use science-based technology to resolve the world's major climate and energy challenges. At Mindset Consulting agency, our sustainability PR experts will help you to develop an effective strategic communication plan to gain trust and credibility among partners, users, and governments.
Biotech, consumer care, medical care, longevity, healthcare systems
At Mindset Consulting agency, our healthtech PR experts will help you to develop a solid strategic communication strategy and deliver complex medtech and healthtech information to your target audience.
B2C educational platforms, providers and services
Our global communication and media relations experts offer edtech PR services that will help your business to improve brand visibility and awareness by communicating your message effectively to your audience.

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Clients’ testimonials

I am no expert in PR but this doesn’t preclude me from confidently stating that Mindset Consulting is an exceptionally professional team. We came to the agency with a list of tasks, and each one of them was accomplished. Publications in business media helped us to close the seed round and to establish the right reputation for our company in the international media space.
Co-founder and CEO of Mirai Flights
Irakli Litanishvili
Mindset Consulting had managed all the PR relating to Cynomi's fundraising and coming out of stealth mode. They did a great job securing exclusivity with TechCrunch and managing follow-up media requests, which resulted in wide coverage and some inbound interest that matured into significant deals.
Co-founder of Cynomi
David Primor
Mindset Consulting has been very helpful since the beginning. We’re aware that satellite IoT can be a tricky matter for outsiders. However, they have been on point with their PR strategy.
Co-founder and CEO of Sateliot
Jaume Sanpera
The Mindset Consulting team is extremely professional. They follow their ‘Deliver more than expected’ principle daily. We have been working together for five months and have already achieved exceptional results. The agency's team has secured coverage for us in TechCrunch, Sifted and Fast Company as well as on Euronews, Welt and Deutsche Welle. As a result of all this, we sold out within a matter of weeks and even received several commercial proposals; more than 20 investors have contacted me about investing.
Founder & CEO of We Do Solar
Karolina Attspodina
Our Series A investment round PR campaign was led by the Mindset Consulting team. They handled all communications with the journalists, gained exclusive coverage by TechCrunch, organized an article for Business Insider, and executed the wide distribution of the news. As a result, several respected technology and business publications covered the story. In our opinion, the PR campaign had a great success.
Co-Founder & CEO of Circles
Irad Eichler
In Europe, we are working with the Mindset Consulting team on two startups. They helped us to establish both the company’s reputation and my personal brand. Our active presence in the media helps us to find clients and investors and grow the business in different countries.
Co-founder & CEO of Fermata
Valeria Kogan