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10 steps to improve your LinkedIn profile in 2024

Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn is constantly evolving.

In 2023, for the third year in a row, there was a major shift in LinkedIn algorithms. The most recent change was announced recently, in February, when the platform revealed the discontinuation of Creator Mode as a separate feature. This decision was made to bolster the amount of content generated in the platform and to incentivize interactions, as well as to shift the focus from hashtags to AI-powered discovery.

A critical advantage of LinkedIn is that it opens up another stage for you to present your ideas to the professional community. The platform remains an invaluable resource whether you’re a corporate executive, startup founder, investor, or working professional, and a well-crafted profile can supercharge your personal brand and be a catalyst for your career trajectory.

In this column, we will share 10 tips that will help you boost your presence and visibility on the platform to help you achieve that.

10 steps to boost your LinkedIn profile in 2024

#1: Update your profile

Your profile is your first impression, therefore, ensure that every section has relevant information about you and your achievements.

We strongly suggest paying attention to the “About” section, as in March, it will be moved to the top of your profile, right after your headshot and headline. Hence, it should provide viewers with an authentic, compelling, and updated bio about who you are—particularly what you are doing and why.

#2: Refresh your network and choose the “Follow” button instead of “Connect”

This small change will help you reach a larger audience, while sparing you the trouble of being bombarded by connection requests from every individual user who's interested in your content.

Plus, when members follow you, they are more likely to see your content in their feed compared to when they connect, leading to increased opportunities.

#3: Look through the most popular topics and align your content with them

People on LinkedIn connect with those who can help them grow personally and professionally. This includes content that can help users learn how to use a specific tool.

For example, the most popular topics during the last six months were: job seeker advice and career development, AI and Chat GPT, work-life balance, sustainability, and mental well-being.

If you can align your creations with these topics, you will gain visibility and forge valuable connections with other members of the platform.

#4: Mix different content formats

A great feature of LinkedIn is that it allows you to post not only text and images, but also polls, carousels (PDF docs), articles, newsletters, and more.

Before choosing a format, make sure that it aligns with your goals and intentions. If you have a personal story to share, you could do so through text and images. On the other hand, for educational content, a well-structured document might be better.

#5: Start sharing original, self-made videos

Many people prefer to watch a video than to read large amounts of text. By appearing on camera, sharing your story, and conveying emotions, you can build more rapport with your audience. Suggestions include creating short Q&A videos, which can add value to your community and drive up engagement.

Something to keep in mind here is that LinkedIn algorithms prioritize videos that are native to the platform. If you post a YouTube link, you will not have as much reach.

#6: Optimize all your content for mobile

According to The Algorithm Insights 2024 Report, 88% of users browse their feeds and interact with other users on their mobile, compared to only 12% from their desktop or laptop.

What this means is that people will engage with your photos, texts, and videos on a relatively small screen and more likely on the go.

Therefore, opt for a vertical video format, and include subtitles to enhance accessibility not only for people with disabilities, but also for those who can’t listen to audio at the moment. (For example, if you’re scrolling through LinkedIn in the middle of that boring meeting)

#7: Experiment with scheduling

While there are a lot of guides about the perfect time for posting, the truth is that every audience is unique.

One of our clients had their highest reach at 8 in the morning, which is not a typical time that many LinkedIn gurus recommend.

#8: Be active and engage with your connections as well

The same Algorithm Insights 2024 Report states that interacting with 5 to 10 posts from your connections after publishing can increase your post's reach by 15%. Again, this is because LinkedIn prioritizes those users who engage more with the platform, as it drives up their own activity and engagement levels.

#9: Use cross-promotion

Share your LinkedIn content on other platforms to drive cross-channel traffic and increase visibility. Your content must work for you as much as possible, and by leveraging multiple channels, you can tap into various demographics and appeal to diverse audiences, further boosting your presence.

#10: Check out collaborative articles and share your contribution, if invited

LinkedIn uses AI-generated content to kickstart a conversation, but the prompts aren’t complete without the expertise and insights from real humans.

We recommend that you choose two or three relevant topics, and start sharing your expertise thoughtfully to gain a “Top Community Badge” for your profile and boost your visibility.

The badge is given to experts who are in the top 5% of contributors, and some of the benefits are increased feed visibility, enhanced profile views, and a better connection rate.

Final thoughts

LinkedIn, the same as other social media platforms, is constantly iterating to provide a better experience for its users, especially considering today’s intense competition.

While many might complain about the constant algorithm changes, or about anything else, in reality, LinkedIn is an extremely valuable platform that can help you elevate your career to the next level. By having a solid and well-thought-out profile, generating valuable content, and engaging with other users, you can maximize the odds that your journey there will be a successful one — and that the platform will become an ally to help you meet your goals.