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10 European Conferences Founders Must Attend In 2024

Tech conferences are vibrant hubs where tech founders, investors, and startup employees alike can converge, share insights, and forge valuable connections that have the potential to be life-changing.

Therefore, whether you are aiming to raise your profile, secure funding, or simply expand your network and gain valuable knowledge, myriad events in Europe allow you to do so. As we ramp up the gear prior to this year’s Web Summit–taking place in November in Lisbon–it is also time to think about those conferences that are taking place in the first half of 2024, and that could boost your chances of being at the right place at the right time.

We must add that, besides participating as an attendee, it is wise to consider prospecting for a spot as a speaker. This has a high potential of pumping up your personal brand, and it is something that we at Mindset are ready to help you with. (Spoiler: you do not need to pay for your public talk).

Why participate in tech conferences?

Participating in tech conferences can propel both your professional and your personal growth. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from engaging in these events.

Networking opportunities: Many of these events boast a stellar lineup, making it possible to connect with industry luminaries and business leaders. Also, expect media representatives from various outlets across the globe to be in attendance, which offers an unparalleled platform to expand your network.

Knowledge expansion: Whether you’re interested in AI, health tech, cleantech, or SaaS, attending the right conference can significantly enhance your knowledge and deepen your understanding of your industry. By staying on top of the latest trends and breakthroughs in your field, you can make better strategic decisions that align your business with where the industry is going.

Personal brand enhancement: By participating as a speaker, you will take the center stage and establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise. This can help you either to build strategic development partnerships, connect with investors, or secure new alliances to reach more customers. For example, we at Mindset have helped founders remarkably bolster their visibility by speaking at top-notch events. In 2022, We Do Solar’s co-founder and CEO, Karolina Attspodina, spoke at TechChill Milano, and later this year, Mikhail Taver, founder of venture fund Taver Capital, which invests in several AI verticals, is slated to speak at the Valencia Digital Summit.

Below here’s a list of 10 conferences that we recommend to add to your 2024 calendar right now.

10 conferences for the first half of 2024

DLD: This is our founder Dina Mostovaya’s favorite, as she considers it to be the best tech conference in the world. Held in Munich from January 11-13, it is usually frequented by luminaries such as Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington, and Peter Thiel. Besides the great networking and learning opportunities, this conference features gorgeous dinners and fun social events that make it a unique experience.

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit: During March 21st and 22nd, Paris plays host to this conference which is the first global event that focuses on deep tech, featuring radical discussions between founders and scientists about topics like decarbonized manufacturing, energy transition, and clean mobility.

TNW Conference Valencia: To be held on April 11-12 at the iconic Marina de Valencia, and powered by the Financial Times, The Next Web brings together people from institutions as diverse as Google and FC Barcelona, ensuring a steady flow of creative ideas. This is a festival that is especially interesting for tech founders who have a B2B business model, and if you can’t make it to Barcelona, there will also be a conference on June 20 and 21, which will be held in Amsterdam.

TechChill: Taking place in Riga from April 17-19, TechChill is one of the largest tech festivals in the Baltic states. During 3 days, it brings together founders, investors, and ecosystem builders, and it is known for its bustling afterparties and unique experiences, such as having a Finnish sauna parked outside of the conference’s venue.

Women in Tech Global Summit: On May 6th and 7th, 2024, Paris will play host to the third edition of the Women in Tech Global Summit, which is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the high-tech industry. The conference will feature several prominent speakers from organizations like Microsoft, Allianz, and the United Nations.

EU-Startups Summit: An ideal event for those who are focused on building internationally-scalable tech companies, the EU-Startups Summit will take place on May 9th and 10th in Malta, providing a great opportunity for networking and learning with fireside chats, keynotes, and a pitch competition. If you have an idea that you believe qualifies to be one of Europe’s most promising, apply for the chance to pitch it in 3 minutes to some of Europe’s most well-known tech figures. Summit: On May 16-17, 2024, some of Europe’s brightest minds and movers and shakers of the tech sector will convene in London to help steer the future of the industry. This includes entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and journalists, who will engage in meaningful conversations to elevate Europe’s startup ecosystems sustainably.

Viva Technology: From May 22-25, 2024, Paris will be host to Europe’s largest tech fest, which will be attended by figures like Elon Musk, Marc Benioff, and French President Emmanuel Macron. The conference also features special events, like a VC Night, a meet-and-greet developed especially so that participating investors can connect with startups from all over the world.

South Summit: On June 5th and until June 7th, Madrid will be home to innovators from all over the world, in a massive event featuring a dynamic pitch competition that has an impressive speaker roster including Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, and basketball superstar turned investor Pau Gasol. 2024’s event will focus on a key topic, which is how humans can work together with technology to enhance the human touch and catalyze business growth.

London Tech Week: From June 10th to the 14th, even more luminaries come to London to unite global tech and drive sustainable innovation. This is one of the largest startup festivals, featuring over 30,000 participants and exclusive events around sectors like climate tech, health tech, and much more.

Instead of a conclusion: Plan your participation as far in advance as possible

You must know that these events are highly sought-after, and as a result, slots tend to fill up quickly. If you are planning on attending the event, we recommend buying your tickets and making accommodation arrangements as soon as possible to avoid price gouging. Most conference organizers offer early-bird tickets coupled with other benefits if you are willing to book in advance.

Preparation is even more important if you are planning on becoming a speaker. In case you’re not aware of it, organizers tend to plan their programming six months ahead, or even more. Therefore, allow yourself a longer timeframe to connect with them and promote your potential participation, especially if you are considering shooting for a large conference. This has the added benefit that it will afford you more time to prepare a quality presentation.